Chairperson’s Letter

Digital economic technology represented by blockchain is increasingly recognized by the public. As we all know, blockchain technology can reduce industrial costs, improve industrial efficiency and environment, and promote economic development. At present, the financial technology industry, traditional industries and local governments attached great importance to blockchain technology, which is a leading technology of the new round of technological revolution. Therefore, the demand for technical talents related to the blockchain industry is showing a blowout situation.


As a frontier institution in the blockchain industry, Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute, relying on Tongji University, combines academic resources at home and abroad and technical experts in the blockchain industry to jointly build an advanced talent training system and platform. It is dedicated to cultivating blockchain talents at all levels with an original training system. At present, the institute has organized an experienced team with more than 30 industry instructors.


The institute has systematic programs, including blockchain high-level seminar, blockchain technology development class, blockchain enterprise internal training class, and the initial PhD of Business Administration and Technology Administration in Paris Business School-Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute. Centered on the block ecosystem, the Institute is longing for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.