Cultivation System

Culture Background

Digital economy technology represented by block chain is increasingly recognized by the public. Block chain technology can reduce industrial costs, improve industrial efficiency, improve industrial environment and promote economic development, which has become a basic consensus. Block chain technology is leading the arrival of a new round of scientific and technological revolution.At present, the financial science and technology industry has laid out the block chain, and traditional industries have entered this field one after another. Local governments also attach great importance to block chain technology.Market demand for technical talents related to the block chain industry shows a blowout trend.As a leading institution in the block chain industry, suzhou tongji block chain research institute, relying on tongji university, gathers academic resources from domestic and foreign universities, unites technical experts in the block chain industry, jointly builds a talent training system for the block chain industry, and actively builds a first-class talent training platform for the block chain industry.Suzhou tongji block chain research institute launched block chain training project, committed to the original teaching system for the industry to train all levels of block chain block chain talents.At present, the institute employs more than 30 industry mentors, and has established a team of experienced training course lecturers.Institute has advanced workshop building block chain, chain technology development class, the block chain in-house training class, the Paris business school - suzhou tongji institute the world's first chain the block chain technology management systematic business management PhD program and systematic training course project, and other products, and based on the research of block chain big ecological system, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Training characteristics

Technology frontier original courses

Carefully research and develop the course module, presenting the core technology of block chain. After systematic study, I am familiar with and able to build the application innovation ability based on the underlying technology of mainstream block chain.

Excellent teacher technical certification

Gather academic resources from foreign and domestic colleges and universities, cooperate with block chain industry leaders and technology giants, jointly build block chain industry training system, and provide block chain training technology certification.

Practical cases infiltrate teaching

Introduction Of think tank and company case resources, aiming at internship demand cases Of block chain industry, combination Of online and offline, interaction between teachers and students to create, and through POC (Proof Of Concept), infiltration teaching.

Professional networks build ecology

Build the xueyou network community in the blockchain world, provide online and offline all-round learning experience, create an integrated platform for internship and recruitment, excellent projects will have the opportunity to enter the incubation space, and build a chain valley innovation ecology.

Course project

  • A.

Advanced study class

  • B

Enterprise internal training class

  • C

Technical development class

  • D

Doctor of business administration

  • T

Instructor certification class