Ai Feng's keynote speech in 2018 Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation Annual Conference
【2018-11-22】 来源:共识院

Ai Feng, Former Editor of Economic Daily

I think that regardless of domestic economic activities and international economic activities, there are three kinds of development thinking should be advocated. The first kind of development thinking is called system development thinking. For example, the US General Motors Corporation almost came after 2008. Bankruptcy, but not bankruptcy later, one of the important reasons is that China’s GM joint venture earned money.  Studying this question is a universal one. Why is it going to go bankrupt, and that makes money? I think these two are universal, but their systems are different. Why does China make money? He is the cost of American technology China. + China's market, and in the United States, he only has American technology without the cost of China, without adding China's market, understand? It's a business; it doesn't mean its system is the same, so we look at the problem, which required observing the problem from the system and solving it.

    Trump gives us a stick in ZTE. There are a lot of mistakes. Actually, he is wrong. Where is the mistake? We bought your Qualcomm chip from ZTE, your biggest customer. You don’t want your biggest customer. The system will not be badly damaged, this is the first mistake. The second mistake is that you will put China on the mountain. If you don't give China a chip, China will not make a chip. You do not have a market in the United States.  I don't think this man looks at the problem from the development system. Our Western friends are very developed, but after raising the financial situation, it is not comprehensive to consider the problem, and it is often simpler.  There is another thing that can explain this problem. In 2012, Europe and the United States anti-dumping against China's solar energy products. You may remember that almost all of our solar energy industry is messed up. China's solar energy industry components account for 70% of the world, but they are sold to others. People don't buy it.

    At that time, I participated in the discussion. I said that it is very good to do not negotiate with others. I will solve the problem in three words and use it for myself. I will not sell it to you.  Therefore, China's solar energy industry is developing rapidly, and our new energy is developing rapidly. Now our solar energy is the most advanced in the world.  Beijing's solar and wind power accounts for a large proportion, and we use it to change our system.  So I think the problem of Trump's trade war is? He is destroying the development of the system and making people suffer. But when the system is established, you have to make a big loss. I think China must remember this now. The first one is with us. One system in the world, the second one is engaged in us, we become the system ourselves, we can develop, not a partial development of a certain problem, this is the first system development thinking. 

    The second fusion of development thinking, the development of the world is through integration, and the development of individuality is very difficult. The project that we are most internationally promoted now is the “Belt and Road”. Everyone integrates and develops together. In the past, we opened two sentences. "Bring it in, go out."  Is the Belt and Road initiative introduced or going out? It is both introduction and going out, and the two are merged together and cannot be distinguished. Everyone's economy has merged together; they have developed and are stable. Xi Jinping specifically talks about the need to better implement the development of integration, and the integration of development can solve many contradictions. The trade deficit with the United States is caused by the lack of integration. You always say that account. Does the United States earn money in Chinese companies? Many American companies make a lot of money. We China is willing to let you earn. We don't say that your trade deficit is in your arms. If you don't sell us old things, you can see that the problem is wrong. You should solve these problems with the perspective of integration development. To put it bluntly, you are taking advantage of it here, and you are suffering there because the development of integration is not the same development, and it is not the completion of parallelism that may be intertwined with each other.  This is the case with social development, so I believe that the Belt and Road Initiative is an example of integrated development. It is so clear that it is introduced and used to go out, so that our country relationship is not that you discuss these issues every day. Integration is a family and is one.

    The third developmental thinking is called platform development.  One of the most powerful forms of the brand after the emergence of the Internet is called "the form of the form is the form of the platform."  What is Taobao? Is it a business? The enterprise is Alibaba.  Is Taobao Alibaba? There are 8 million companies selling goods on Taobao. He is an indispensable part of Taobao, so Taobao is a platform, not a past or a business or something, it is a platform.  This platform was built by Ali, but everyone used it together.  Such an enterprise model or business model is very vital. I named it a composite living body. We have only one name, but a composite living body has more than one life.

    Taobao is not only known to the Chinese, but foreigners know that because it is a platform for a complex life, we Chinese are taking the next step, the core technology of the Internet is so powerful, and the Internet is very powerful.  From good technology to market, into products, the market will make money, and must be subsequently enlarged. China is the best magnifying glass, so we are very good at application.  I think this issue can solve the difficulties of our state-owned enterprise reform. Now why the big national enterprises engage in mixed ownership can't do it.  You can't work with the mix of big assets. China doesn't have such a large private enterprise to compete with our country. There is no such enterprise.  What does he do? It is a composite living body.  You sold me a certain type of gas station, I came to operate, but I am part of your group, mixed with me, I am only an independent living body, only part of you.

    The second is what our state-owned enterprises and private enterprises play. Now private privately said that the state-owned enterprises do not engage in any competitive industries, and they cannot do so. This is unclear and is solved by this method. It is wrong to solve the wrong thought pattern. I want a way for all of us to enter. The time relationship is so much, thank you!