Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As an emerging industry, the development of blockchain requires policy, financial support, talents and the formation of vertical field incubators. Moreover, the traditional Internet incubator can no longer meet its needs. Hence BABC will provide technical and financial support, introduce international experts, investment and other forms of incubation for innovative collaboration all over the world.


Technical Support

BABC will gather international experts together to provide technical consultant and related supports along with systematic trainings of relevant projects in the incubators to make contributions to professional and standardized development of the blockchain industry.


Financial Support

BABC will cooperate with well-known investment institutions and angel investors at home and abroad to explore high-quality projects in the incubator to provide financial supports and targeted investments, and to obtain more development opportunities for blockchain projects.


Resources Sharing

Incubators are a gathering place for blockchain projects, therefore BABC will organize communication salons on a regular basis so that resources can be shared and exchanged between different projects, and joint efforts will be formed in the blockchain wave.